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What Does it Take to Shrink Hemorrhoids?


What Does it Take to Shrink Hemorrhoids?

What does it take to shrink hemorrhoids? When can we say bye bye to hemorrhoids? Is it really hard to treat them? Is there a hemorrhoid cure?

Through the numerous extensive studies done about the inner workings of hemorrhoids, experts were able to pin point how to successfully treat hemorrhoids with minimal pain and bleeding. They learned that by cutting off their blood supply, it will result in their shrinkage. With this approach, in order to shrink hemorrhoids, there would be less pain and bleeding when compared to making an incision to cut away the hemorrhoid from the skin.

Many hemorrhoid treatment options exist using this approach and fixative procedures are one of them.

Fixative procedures are mostly out-patient treatments. They are performed to treat internal hemorrhoids, specifically grade one that do not respond to dietary modifications and conservative management, as well as grade two and three. When performed correctly, these procedures should not be painful.

Fixative procedure such as rubber band ligation is a technique originally described by Barron in 1963. It is the most commonly used out-patient treatment. This is done with anoscopy to identify the location of the hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids are then tied at the base with rubber bands, therefore cutting off its blood flow.

An alternative to rubber band ligation is the injection sclerotherapy. This is done by injecting phenol oil into the hemorrhoid to cut off blood supply and in turn lead to tissue necrosis. It has a lower success rate as compared to rubber band ligation.

Another procedure to shrink hemorrhoids is coagulation therapy using light, lasers or electricity. Coagulation therapy uses an intense beam of infrared light. Heat produced causes scar tissue, which cuts off the blood flow through the hemorrhoid.

Additionally, many herbal plants also claim to have the necessary properties to shrink hemorrhoids. Witch hazel and horse chestnut are good examples. Their astringent property is responsible for their ability to shrink swellings. These two herbal plants are also found in many all-natural supplements such as Venapro. Venapro is a blend of natural herbal extracts that helps relieve pain and reduce swelling. It has been tested to be safe and free from side effects. Natural health supplements can help you achieve optimum health and wellness naturally.

Aside from herbal plants and supplements, creams and ointments also contain special preparations that can shrink swelling caused by hemorrhoids, such as Preparation H.

Also, a new surgical procedure called stapled hemorrhoidectomy is becoming more popular than the traditional surgical procedure hemorrhoidectomy. It was introduced by Longo in 1998 as a treatment for protruding hemorrhoids. A circular stapling gun is used to cut a doughnut of mucosa in order to lift the hemorrhoid back within the canal. The stapling also cuts off its blood flow, causing the hemorrhoid to shrink. Since no incision has been made, there is less post-operative pain and faster recovery than the traditional hemorrhoidectomy. Remember, the sooner you can shrink hemorrhoids, the faster they will heal. Also, the more irritated they get, the larger they become and the larger they get, the harder and longer they will take to heal.

Take note of this, then plan your course of action and decide what treatment option is best for you.

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