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Hemorrhoid Surgery Needs Careful Consideration


Hemorrhoid Surgery Needs Careful Consideration

You should only turn to hemorrhoid surgery if conservative management – coupled with fixative procedures such as injections or banding – has not worked.

Hemorrhoids surgery is also appropriate if your hemorrhoid is large and causing a lot of pain and discomfort. Nowadays, more and more surgical treatment options for hemorrhoids are being offered other than the traditional method called hemorrhoidectomy.

In the traditional hemorrhoidectomy, the main objective is to remove the hemorrhoid before it gets worse. This is done by stretching the anus and tying the veins inside it to prevent bleeding.

After this, the hemorrhoids are cut off from the skin. This is usually the treatment option for grade 4 hemorrhoids and for grade 2 and grade 3 hemorrhoids not successfully treated by banding or other fixative methods.

The hemorrhoid operation is done under general anesthetic and has high success rate. However, this hemorrhoid surgery can be quite expensive and painful in the days to follow after the operation.

Due to the increase in knowledge about hemorrhoids along with the invention of newer high – tech devices in the medical field, more and more procedures are being tried and developed. Most new procedure aims to find ways to shrink the hemorrhoid so it would disappear on its own rather than excising it.

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