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The List of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


The List of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Many of the behaviors of a Love and Sex Addict can put themselves and others at risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

The Sexual Addict behaviors I am referring to are:

* High-Risk Sex
* Prostitution
* Multiple Affairs
* Anonymous Sexual Encounters

When a person is a Sex Addict or has any type of addiction they are out of control. The addict can’t stop the addicted behavior even though they might want to. They can’t stop in spite of the problems it is causing in their personal, social and work lives.

With many Sex Addicts they are after the high they get from the sex or the acts leading up to the sex that they are not thinking about the repercussions of what they are doing. And, this “not thinking” can lead to unsafe sex. And, we all know what unsafe sex can lead to….. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Even the use of Condoms as protection from sexually transmitted diseases does not protect you 100%.

Here is a list of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

* Bacterial vaginosis
* Chancroid
* Chlamydia
* Crabs (Pubic Lice)
* Cytomegalovirus
* Gonorrhea
* Granuloma inguinale
* Herpes Simplex 1
* Herpes Simplex 2 (Genital Herpes)
* Hepatitis B
* Human Papillomavirus (HPV) also known as Genital Warts
* HTLV (human T-cell lymphotropic viruses)
* Molluscum contagiosum
* Non-Specific Urethritis
* Scabies
* Syphilis
* Trichomoniasis

All of the Diseases above can be Sexually Transmitted. Some of them are curable others are not. Scary huh?! Well, if you think that is scary it gets worse… some people can have a Sexually Transmitted Disease and not know it. They can just be a carrier without any obvious signs that they have an STD. Meaning, not only would you not notice anything wrong with his or her privates, but also that person might not even know he or she is infected. This is why we must ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM!! A person can look completely normal, but having unsafe sex with a carrier of a Sexually Transmitted Disease could cause you to become infected with a painful and/or life threatening STD.

If you have or had a sexually transmitted disease you shouldn’t feel ashamed or alone. Many people have. It’s just not something people like to share with anybody other than their doctors and/or partners.

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