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Top reasons why you likely need digestive enzymes


Top reasons why you likely need digestive enzymes Since our immune systems are so dependent on our digestive systems, it is important to have good healthy digestion in order to stay healthy. Also, because our bodies are dependent on the enzymes that must be created to regulate all of the functions of the body, it is taxing for us to force our bodies to create ALL of the enzymes to digest the foods we eat. Therefore, digestive enzymes are a very important part of our diet and needed to optimize our health.

When we eat foods lacking in enzymes, much of our energy is diverted to manufacturing the enzymes needed for digestion and leaving us with fewer enzymes for all of the other metabolic needs of the body. Also, according to research by Dr. Paul Kouchakoff, eating these kinds of foods triggers an immune response in the body causing the white blood cell count to be elevated after eating as if the body is under attack by the food. This doesn’t happen when eating raw foods with their enzymes still intact. It was also discovered that heating foods beyond a certain temperature unique to the food also caused the same kind of immune response when the food was consumed.

If your diet does not consist primarily of raw foods, you need to use Digestive Enzymes

digestive enzymes supplements for your diet

Enzymes come in 3 different forms, food enzymes (found in raw, unprocessed foods), and the two that our bodies manufacture are digestive and metabolic enzymes. Since the Standard American diet is so full of overcooked, processed, and refined foods, our diets are almost completely depleted of any food enzymes. In order to digest our food we need food enzymes and digestive enzymes to break down or digest our foods so that we can assimilate the nutrients we just ate.

Some of the benefits that come from consuming enough enzymes include:

* Healthy digestion
* Break down of toxins
* Strengthened immune system
* Cleansing of the blood
* Break down of fats
* Less difficulty maintaining your optimal weight
* Enhanced mental function and capacity
* Improved skin aging

Your options for getting more enzymes include: Either eat mostly raw unprocessed food, or supplement your diet with a good blend of food enzymes. Along the lines of eating raw unprocessed food, you can also juice your vegetables. If you decide that you would prefer to supplement your enzymes, then the best enzymes are plant based, and a good supplement should have a mixture of plant based enzymes.

digestive enzymes consideration for your health

In my opinion, either the Garden of Life “Omega-Zyme™” or “Omega-Zyme™ Ultra” is the best enzyme supplement available. Also, always get clearance from your doctor before taking such a supplement.

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