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Types of Asthma Nebulizers


Types Of Asthma Nebulizers

Asthma is a difficult and unpredictable condition to be afflicted with. Although adults are also susceptible to developing asthma, attacks are a great concern for infants and children who are dependent and helpless. For parents, especially the mothers, it is very hard to see your baby gasping for air. It is truly fortunate that asthma nebulizers have been developed to address the needs of people with asthma.

Besides oral medications prescribed by doctors, asthma nebulizers offer a big help to ease the pain of people suffering from asthma. Known by another term which is breathing machines, asthma nebulizers transform a liquid medication into a mist.

The mist can be easily inhaled by the person and this goes directly to the lungs for complete relief. Asthma nebulizers are recommended for young children, individuals suffering from severe cases of asthma, or those unable to use metered dose inhalers or inhalers with spacers.

Asthma nebulizers come in different types and sizes but they all function the same way. Generally, nebulizers are big and require an electrical outlet to operate. Fortunately, there are smaller, lighter, portable versions of the nebulizer that are battery-operated.

A doctor’s prescription is required before you can buy this machine since it has to be determined first if a nebulizer is really necessary for your asthma condition. These breathing machines likewise vary in costs. If you have health insurance, make sure to check if such purchase is covered, so that you can just have your policy absorb your cost.

For home use, asthma nebulizers will not be complete without the nebulizer cup, the mask or mouthpiece, the air compressor, the compressor tubing, and most importantly, the liquid medication with the latter to be carefully measured as to the proper dosage.

In choosing a nebulizer, ask the salesperson to demonstrate to you the correct way of setting up the machine to avoid confusion on your part in the future. With all the accessories that go with it, you might find it intimidating initially to use a nebulizer, so read the instructions carefully.

Before using the nebulizer, be sure that your hands are clean. Strictly follow the dosage as prescribed by your doctor. There are some medications, though, that come in pre-measured dose vials so that you will not have any problem in measuring the proper amount.

When using the asthma nebulizer, use a comfortable chair and try to sit up straight. Position the mask securely and properly. As the mists come out, take long and deep breaths. To be really effective, it is recommended that you hold your breath for 2-3 seconds.

The treatment should last until the medication has evaporated. When you are finished, always clean your nebulizer and store it for the next treatment. A dirty asthma nebulizer may become a source of infection.

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